Video Game Drink Coasters

A lot of the presents that I get on Christmas are gaming related and last year was no different. However, one present (that was gaming related) that I got from a friend was really cool and it was something that I could use often. I got some video game drink coasters.

It was a Namco bundle which contained four coasters, each with the front and back cover of a classic Namco PlayStation 1 game. The four games whose covers were used for the coasters were Ridge Racer, Tekken 2, Tekken 3 and Time Crisis. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic merchandise.




First up is Ridge Racer, an arcade racing game that is really fun. Given that this is a Namco themed bundle, I would have thought that they would have chosen the much more popular and memorable Ridge Racer Type 4. Regardless, the front cover for Ridge Racer is brilliant and is a blast from the past.



Next up is Tekken 2, the first game I ever played, the game that started my love for video games. This front cover brings back so many fond memories of me play Tekken with my family. I remember playing Law and thinking he was Bruce Lee and playing Lei Wulong because I thought he was Jackie Chan. Just looking at this coaster makes me feel a bit emotional. As you’d expect, I have used this one to put my drinks on.



Here is the star attraction, Tekken 3. In my opinion, Tekken 3 doesn’t just have the best front cover in this collection, it is one of the best PS1 game covers in general. I love the colour scheme, the young and serious Jin Kazama looking out, giving us a stern stare and that logo is beautiful. Notice also how the Devil Gene tattoo stands out. The cover pops out and it is gorgeous.

Tekken 3 is one of best games not just on the PS1, but gaming as a whole. An iconic title, a must-play for any fighting game aficionado.



Time Crisis is one of the best light gun games ever made and is insanely fun. I remember both me and my dad got very addicted to this game. The iconic light gun game is one of Namco’s best games and it absolutely needed to be a part of this collection. If you haven’t played Time Crisis I urge you to do so, they are incredibly fun and are even more enjoyable with a friend. If you are having friends over, this is a great game to liven up the room.



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