My E3 2019 Wishlist

Wishful thinking?

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We all have those games that we wish got sequels or reboots. I have mine and that’s why I have made an E3 2019 wishlist. This is pretty much a dream list of games I want to get made. Now whilst it would be awesome if all of these got announced, I would be happy if just one happened.

There will be some games here in this list you may not have heard of, some that haven’t seen a game in over 10 years. There will be some surprising games here that you might not find on any other list and some that if you know me well, won’t be surprised at all to see them.

Without further ado, let’s get into this wishlist.


10. Rival Schools (Reboot)

rival schools screen


There are many fighting games that have been left dormant, waiting for their return to the arena. One of those games is an old Capcom fighter called Rival Schools.

Out of all the fighting games that need to come back during what I call a “renaissance” period for the genre, Rival Schools is at the top of the list.

If you haven’t heard of Rival Schools before I understand. It’s more than likely because the series has been dormant since the 5th generation of consoles (PlayStation 1).

It’s a fantastic fighting game with great characters and cool gameplay mechanics. It is brilliant and it’s still fun to play 20 years later. Capcom, you have been on a hell of a roll lately. Give us something nearly no one expects, give us a new Rival Schools.


9. Project Gotham Racing 5

pgr 4 screen.jpg

My favourite racing game from the last generation was Project Gotham Racing 4. It was an Xbox exclusive racing game that was more arcadey and less realistic than Forza.

PGR4 had all of the elements needed to make not just a fun racing game but also a memorable one. I remember playing PGR4 religiously, running home from school just so I could hop into a Ferrari F430 Scuderia and race the day away.

I had so much fun online with PGR4 and it was the game that got me to play more games online. The game made me realise how fun online gaming could actually be. I’ve spent countless hours racing with friends and I made a lot of friends through playing PGR4.

All of this is why it saddens me that since the fourth game which released in 2007, that we still don’t have a Project Gotham Racing 5. It’s truly heartbreaking to see this series just be seemingly forgotten by Microsoft, it hurts.

A friend of mine doesn’t have an Xbox One but I know that he’d buy one in a heartbeat if Microsoft announced PGR 5. It would make my friend happy, it would get many people hyped and it would bring back my love for the racing game genre.


8. Mario Kart Double Dash 2

mario kart double dash screen.png

One of my favourite kart racing games is Mario Kart Double Dash. The Gamecube kart racer was incredible, it had so much content, it looked really good graphically (and still does) but most importantly, it was immensely fun.

Crash Team Racing is my favourite kart racing game of all time but Double Dash very nearly dethroned it. Everything about Double Dash is near perfection; it’s visuals, music, tracks, kart designs and the playable characters are all absolutely incredible. Which is why it is truly baffling that Nintendo has never done a direct sequel to it.

Double Dash 2 hasn’t happened, why? The game performed well both critically and commercially. There are plenty of people like myself, who are vocal about their desire for another Double Dash. So I ask again Nintendo, why hasn’t there been a Double Dash 2?

Now is the best time to do Double Dash 2. It’s been many years since the last Mario Kart game (not counting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as it was essentially a re-release) and Nintendo currently has one of the hottest consoles on the market. Double Dash 2 will sell well not just because it’s ‘Mario Kart’ but also because a lot of people have Nintendo Switch consoles.

The things they could do with a new Double Dash style Mario Kart leave me salivating. Surprise me Nintendo, please?


7. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake

re3 screen

This would be higher up on my list but Resident Evil 2 Remake is keeping me company for now. However, this doesn’t stop me thinking about another Resident Evil game getting the same remake treatment. Imagine if Capcom remade Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

RE3 in HD would be heavenly, despite the zombies trying feast on my flesh. Imagine Nemesis full-on sprinting towards you faster than Usain Bolt. You thought Mr X was terrifying in the RE2 remake? He’s got nothing on Nemesis.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that this is happening, it’s just a matter of when. If this doesn’t get revealed at E3 2019 I’d be okay with it, I can keep playing RE2. If it does get announced though, Brandon here will be one very happy and excited fella.


6. Virtua Fighter 6

virtua fighter 5 fs screen

Right, Sega I love you dearly. You make one my favourite video game series, Yakuza. You have made some of my favourite video game characters; Kazuma Kiryu, Sonic the Hedgehog and Ryo Hazuki. You make one of the best fighting game series, Virtua Fighter.

Sega is responsible for creating some of my most memorable gaming experiences. However, I have a question that many other people also want to ask, where the hell is Virtua Fighter 6?

Virtua Fighter 5 came out in 2007, 12 years ago. The updated version of VF5, Final Showdown, released in 2012, 7 years ago. Since 2012 the fighting game genre has been going through a bit of a revival. We’ve had brilliant fighting games, incredible moments at EVO and the online community for the genre has thrived.

Namco knows this and they have capitalised on it. Capcom knows this and they have capitalised on it. Netherrealm Studios, Arc System Works and SNK know this too and they are all doing great things now. Sega surely knows that fighting games are in a great place now, which makes the absence of Virtua Fighter all the more baffling and honestly, a bit worrying.

Virtua Fighter needs some love not just from the fighting game community but also Sega itself. Come on Sega, announce Virtua Fighter 6 and let it get the love it deserves.


5. Saints Row 5

Saints Row 4 screen

THQ Nordic have multiple games to announce at E3 and I hope to god that one of them is Saints Row 5.

I love Saints Row and it has been MIA for a while now. The last Saints Row was a re-release of SR4 in 201 alongside the Gat out of Hell expansion. Developer Volition’s last game was Agents of Mayhem which came out in 2016. Since then the studio itself has been quiet.

Where they would take Saints Row is another question. Do they continue to go even crazier? Do they have a balance between serious and crazy like Saints Row 2? Or will they give the series a complete reboot or a brand new cast? There are many ways Volition can go about making Saints Row 5 as the sky’s the limit, literally. Saints Row 4 made you president of the United States and fight aliens so I think it’s safe to say there Volition have a lot of room to go bonkers.

I think another game is definitely in the works, especially since there’s a Saints Row movie in the works. If you’re making a film about a game franchise, then what better way to promote it than to release another entry alongside the release of the film.

I hope we see Saints Row 5 at E3 because I really do miss this series.


4. Sleeping Dogs 2


I  think I made it clear in last year’s E3 wishlist how much I love Sleeping Dogs and how badly I want a sequel. Sleeping Dogs 2 wouldn’t be exactly easy to make as the developer United Front Games, shut down in 2016. Square Enix could find someone else to do it but they would have to nail down what made the first game so good.

Then there’s the upcoming Sleeping Dogs film which stars martial arts movie icon, Donnie Yen. It’s in production but with no release date as of yet. Much like with Saints Row, what better way to promote the film than release a new game alongside it?

I will never give up hope of a Sleeping Dogs 2. It’s one of my favourite games of all time and it merges two of my favourite things, video games and martial arts movies. Sleeping Dogs was a game that I had dreamt of that eventually became real. The absence of Sleeping Dogs and it seemingly being forgotten about by Square Enix is truly heartbreaking.

However, could it appear at E3 2019? I hope it does, I really do.


3. Tekken Tag Tournament 3

Tekken Tag 2 screen

My favourite fighting game series is Tekken so of course, I want another Tekken game. The next Tekken won’t be Tekken 8, it’s too soon for that. So that’s why I think the next instalment will be Tekken Tag Tournament 3.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 released in 2012 and it was brilliant, it was a celebration of the Tekken series up to that point. Since then we have had the amazing Tekken 7 which released in 2017. The new gameplay elements in Tekken 7 such as Rage Arts and Rage Drives got me thinking, how would these work in tag combat? To be more exact, how would these work in the inevitable Tekken Tag Tournament 3?

Could we see tag team Rage Arts and Rage Drives? Just thinking about that in my head makes me fizz with unbridled excitement of all the possibilities. How cool would they look; how awesome would it feel to pull them off and how do we counter them. I’m getting all giddy about it now.

If Tekken Tag Tournament 3 doesn’t get revealed at E3 2019 then there is EVO in August.


2. Dark Cloud 3

dark chronicle screen

This game has less chance of happening this year because Sony isn’t at the show but that doesn’t stop me from adding it to the list. Dark Cloud 3 where are ye?

I love Dark Cloud dearly it was one of the first JRPGS I played on the PS2 and I immediately fell in love with it. Exploring dungeons, rebuilding villages and exploring some truly wonderful locations. I love the sequel Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), it improved on everything. The second game, in particular, is very important to me as it got me through some tough times.

Dark Chronicle released in 2003, 16 years ago. It’s been 16 years and we still don’t have a third game. I know developer Level-5 is busy with other games such as Yo-kai Watch 4 which is scheduled to release sometime this year. However, even Akihiro Hino (CEO of Level-5) said that they want to do Dark Cloud 3 but it isn’t up to them.

Whilst it more than likely won’t happen at E3, I still have hope for just even a tease. If we don’t see anything at E3 then maybe at the Tokyo Games Show. I will never lose faith, I will always be here, every E3 praying that Dark Cloud 3 gets announced.


1. Dino Crisis Remake

dino crisis screen

Capcom has been on one hell of a roll recently. Monster Hunter World was a tremendous success. Resident Evil 2 remake was released and it was very well received critically and commercially. Devil May Cry 5 was finally released to the same fanfare as RE2 remake, with some (including myself) saying that it is the best entry in the series.

They should this homerun stretch by bringing back Dino Crisis, a beloved survival horror series. Capcom knows that people want a new Dino Crisis, both fans of the series and of the survival horror genre have been very vocal about the franchise returning. I rarely go a week without talking about Dino Crisis. Unofficial Dino Crisis community rep Jawmuncher (who should really be official, *cough* give Jaw a job Capcom *cough*) talks about the series every day.

Just think, a remake of Dino Crisis using the RE Engine, it would look godly. Seeing the dinos in HD and that goddamn T-Rex in a crazy amount of detail would be awesome. Of course, we can’t forget Regina, the protagonist of the Dino Crisis series. We would see her for the very first time in HD, if any character deserves a glow up it’s her. Regina was my first gaming crush, so seeing her in HD would make me very happy.

A question I have about a Dino Crisis remake is, how would they go about it. The first game was pure survival horror whereas the second instalment was still horror but had more of an action style of gameplay. Do they go full survival horror? Do they go full-on action? Or, do they have a balance of the two? I’d go for the latter as it caters to both audiences.

I just want Dino Crisis to come back. Capcom we know you are listening, we know you hear us so please, bring back Dino Crisis.


That’s it, folks! That is my E3 wishlist, what do you think of the games I have listed? Are there any surprising games on my list that you never expected? Let me know in the comments below and tell me what you’d like to see at E3 2019.


For those wanting to know the dates and times of the E3 conferences don’t worry, I have you covered. I noted them all down a couple of weeks ago.

For those wanting to have a bit of fun during E3, why not play E3 bingo? I made some bingo cards for everyone to use.

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