That Green Dude Is A Year Old

I’ve hit a milestone


I’ve been on WordPress for a year. That Green Dude is now a year old. I can remember my first post on here, it feels like it happened only a couple of days ago.

I started this blog/ site last year whilst I was still at university. I posted when I could and it was fun. With each new piece I posted I got more views and I got a small following, it was cool. I would’ve liked to have posted more but I had to focus on doing the last few parts of my university work. I graduated last July, it was wonderful.

I continued to post stuff here after graduating but it wasn’t until October of last year when I started to knuckle down and try to build up this site. Since October, growth for That Green Dude has been fantastic. Each month I gained new followers and in November I broke my previous stats record. I did the same thing again in December with almost doubling the amount of people coming to my site and reading my content.

December was when I started branch out and started to communicate with other bloggers and I’m glad I did. In December the amount of interaction with readers and fellow bloggers increased dramatically. I have to say that the “Creative Christmascollaboration event that was hosted by Later Levels, played a massive part in this. The power of collaboration events and interacting with other bloggers was very strong. It was a really fun event and I can’t wait for the next one.

My Virtua Fighter piece is now my most viewed piece with over 430 views at the time of writing. I don’t know what happened but one day my Virtua Fighter post skyrocketed in views and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The views for my 6 Things I’d like to see in Virtua Fighter 6 piece show no sign of stopping.

January has been the best month for That Green Dude. I’ve had the highest amount of views and visitors this month and that is absolutely amazing. Slowly but surely my site is growing.

I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their day to read my content. Thank you to everyone that has shared my work. Thank you to those who have followed me here on WordPress. Thank you to those who have followed me on Twitter. Lastly a massive thanks to everyone that have stayed along for the journey.


I’m also going to use this post to update you all on my life and future content coming to this site.

First up, life.

Life has been good. I’ve lost a bit more weight which is always good and I am on track to achieve my weight goal. I’m going to see my favourite stand up comedian Bill Bailey soon. I love how he combines music and comedy.

I’ve stuck to my gaming resolution. I have played three indie games and completed two of them. The games I have played, Dungeon Punks (Completed), Piecefall (Completed) and Uncanny Valley.

Perhaps the biggest thing though is that I am writing a book. Yes, I am writing a book and it is nowhere near being done. I have so many creative ideas and stories floating around in my head so I thought it was time to put pen to paper. My book will be a fictional story and it will be a gangster/ crime story. The first chapter is pretty much done. I’ve just got a few more things to add and then read through it. I want to know though, do you want me to post updates about the book I am writing here on my site? Let me know.

I’m writing a book.

Future Content

  • More Retro Reviews. The response to my Dino Crisis 2 Retro Review was fantastic. Again I apologise for the delay for my Kotobuki Grand Prix – Retro Review. It will be posted this week.
  • More list pieces. I’ve got one planned and I think you’ll like it.
  • Non gaming pieces are still happening. One will be posted in February.
  • Video game poetry is still happening. The first one is nearly done. It’s alright if a little cheesy. It will be posted in February. Interested in seeing the response to this.
  • More game reviews.
  • More video game merchandise showcases. The next two of these are planned.
  • More video game photo/ screenshot showcases. The next one is planned.

That’s it, you are all up to date with what has been going on and with what is coming to the site in the future.

Again I want to say THANK YOU. You all rock!!!

As always if you want to talk about video games or anything really, why not follow me on Twitter – @ThatGreenDude95

14 thoughts on “That Green Dude Is A Year Old

  1. Cingrats on you one year anniversary! Your book sounds very interesting and I would love to read more about it. I started writing a book as well but my english isnt that perfect since I far from a native speaker haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.
      Thanks also for showing interest in my book. There has been quite some interest regarding the book I’m writing which is awesome. I’ll be posting a summary of my book soon.

      You’re writing a book as well? That is awesome, good luck with it.

      Don’t worry about your English dude. With time and a bit of hard work you’ll be fluent in it. You can do it buddy.👍

      Liked by 1 person

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